Our Community

Christ Tabernacle of Love, established by Pastor Pamela Aldridge in October 2013, is a community of faith whose mission is to glorify God through anointed praise and worship, to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ through service, and to share the Gospel message of truth which will break the heavy yokes of bondage. Our vision is to become a community of believers whose worship of God is demonstrated through our love and service.

See what God is doing in our community!

Dr. Pamela Aldridge, Pastor

Dr. Pamela Aldridge, Pastor

Min. Chelsea Aldridge

Min. Chelsea Aldridge

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Our Leadership

Pamela A. Aldridge is the founder of In His Hands Global Ministries, a work birthed out of her love and adoration for God and her ministry passions for God’s people. She is also the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ Tabernacle of Love located in Chicago, IL, a church that believes what is most important is faith expressing itself in love.  Pastor Aldridge can be heard each Wednesday at 7:45am on her radio broadcast, Simply The Truth.

Pastor Aldridge has been equipped to bring forth the Word of God with clarity and power. She has an awesome evangelistic call and desires all to come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and be filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost. Pastor Aldridge walks in the Apostolic anointing with manifestations of faith and deliverance. She is serious about the things of God and is determined to be found doing the work of the ministry when the Lord comes.

Pastor Aldridge birthed two beautiful children, who were later filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost and serve alongside her in ministry. Because she strongly believes that one’s ministry first begins at home, she dutifully and firmly taught the Word of God daily to her children as they were growing up.

Pastor Aldridge is a degreed Accountant with a gift of entrepreneurship. As a visionary she has created and started several businesses and ministries. She obtained a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago, her Master’s of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois and later her PhD in Religion from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary.  She  is the author of her first book titled Flow. 

Pastor Aldridge stands on the word of God with expectancy. Her favorite scripture, which she declares is foundational for all Christians, is Romans 8:28: “All things work together for good to those who love God and who are the called according to His purpose.”