Graduation Celebration 2016


On June 26th, CTL celebrated our 2016 graduates. From kindergartners through high schoolers, every graduate was presented with a certificate of honor and a bag of gifts. Also participants in our iHoop4Christ Basketball program were awarded MVP (Most Valuable Person), MIP (Most Improved Person) and All Star medals for off-court leadership, dedication and scholastic achievements during the corresponding school year.

It is our belief that what happens on the court starts long before a basketball is ever picked up. It begins with the shaping and strengthening of character.  Our deepest desire and heartfelt goal is to instill in each of our youth godly character, a winning attitude, and solid leadership skills, with the intent to build up strong, courageous and bold warriors for the Kingdom of God. In sports, one will win some and lose some, but in life, CTL’s youth will always be winners!

Christmas Care 2015

We had the pleasure of serving the youth of our community through Christmas Care 2015, an event that allowed us to not only distribute presents that had been so graciously donated, but to provide Barber & Salon Services from licensed professionals who considered it their ministry and pleasure to do so. We just want to say thank you to all of those who supported the event and made it such a success!

With Gratitude,
Pastor Aldridge