Christmas Care 2018

Hallelujah, Christmas Care 2018 was a great success. CTL gave away over 800 gifts to our members and more. We were blessed to serve dinner as well and give away laptop computers to faithful families representing 10 kids in all. The youth walked away with bags loaded with such items as speakers, headphones, smart watches, cell phone accessories, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, pajamas, cologne, shirts, jogging wear, toys and more. A special thanks to all the volunteers who came to serve. Thanks to all who gave toward this event, from turkeys to catering services, decorations, etc. And finally, a sincere heartfelt thank you to the Loomis family for their generous donation.

Back to School 2018

CTL’s annual back to school Giveaway was a great success. We were blessed to give away 100 book bags with school supplies and more. Some received free dental exams, cleanings, and fillings. We were also able to bless 30 boys with free haircuts. A few of our teens worked the event and got paid for 6 hours of service. And there was lots of food, fun, and fellowship.

Health Connection 2018

Health Connection 2018

On April 22, 2018, CTL hosted its annual Health Connection Day and we discussed everything necessary to maintain good health and grooming, from hair care, dental care, general hygiene and even preserving our bodies by abstaining from sexual relationships. Free haircuts and beauty services were provided along with free health care packages. it was a great success! There was even a four-team basketball tournament, thanks to Coach Joseph. Thanks to Coach Isaiah and Brother Maurice for their expert barber services and Sis Barbara of Mary Kay for the lip and hand facials. We want to also thank Illini-Care for sponsoring the pizza, chips, and juice and to our very own Minister Chelsea for coordinating the event and the giveaways.

Honor Roll Spring 2018

It is our pleasure to celebrate our Honor Roll Students twice a year. Congratulations and well done!

Christmas Care 2017

Every Christmas, it is a joy and a pleasure to give away toys to the children of our West Englewood community. This year, under our Sleep Well My Child Bed Campaign, we had the pleasure of giving away beds and comforters in addition to toys. We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who helped us sow into the lives of these young people.

Bulls Outing 2017

On Sunday, November 26th, we had a wonderful time cheering on the Bulls as they faced off against the Miami Heat.

Back to School 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2017 Back to School Giveaway on August 24, 2017. We were blessed to give away 100 book bags with school supplies. Also, we were able to offer 28 free dental exams, with cleanings and fillings, along with 25 free eye exams with free eyeglasses as needed and 22 free haircuts for boys. There were three tables of giveaways to support households in the West Englewood community. We also played assorted games, sports and prizes. Kudos to those of our teens who worked hard to make this event a success. Thanks again to all of our sponsors for helping to bring it all together.

Evangelist/Missionary Work

On August 6 and 13, 2017, CTL took the Gospel message to the streets of West Englewood. Thanks to all who participated in this awesome outreach effort. We had the opportunity to share the Good news about Jesus with others, pass out bibles and even win souls to Christ. Hooray!!! We had a great time and we know that God is well pleased and all of heaven is rejoicing.

Boy’s Day Out

On Saturday July 8, 2017, CTL enjoyed its Boy’s Day Out. We went to Jake’s Warehouse in Dyer Indiana, where we ate pizza, drove go karts, played laser tag, climbed rugged walls, walked the challenging sky walk shot basketball, played lots of games and bonded and enjoyed each other’s company. All in all it was a great day!

Graduation 2017

On June 25th, Christ Tabernacle of Love celebrated our 2017 graduates! Our kindergartners through high schoolers, every graduate was presented with a certificate of honor and a bag of gifts. Also participants in our iHoop4Christ Basketball program were awarded MVP (Most Valuable Person), MIP (Most Improved Person) and All Star medals for off-court leadership, dedication and scholastic achievements during the corresponding school year.

It is our belief that what happens on the court starts long before a basketball is ever picked up. It begins with the shaping and strengthening of character. Our deepest desire and heartfelt goal is to instill in each of our youth godly character, a winning attitude, and solid leadership skills, with the intent to build up strong, courageous and bold warriors for the Kingdom of God. In sports, one will win some and lose some, but in life, Christ Tabernacle of Love Church’s youth will always be winners